Quem somos

S2 Tecnologia is a Brazilian company specialized in Digital Solutions, its greatest passion is to offer ease and solutions for entrepreneurs who dream of having their own business in the digital world. As a fully digital company with a strong internet presence, it is offering its services to the European market more precisely in the country of Portugal. The internet has come to break this territorial barrier and provide more business-customer interactions no matter where they are. The technology is updated every moment and it is very complicated for those who are starting on the Internet to follow these changes and know which technology to use, there are thousands of systems, solutions and so on. The purpose of S2 is precisely that, to facilitate the entrepreneur’s integration with the right tool or solution for his business. Come talk to our experts for sure your business will get off the ground no matter the size of the project. Our delivery time for each project is up to 30 days after approval and submission of the requested information.


S2 Tecnologia was born to help entrepreneurial people who are starting their businesses to achieve their goals with the lowest possible investment.


Be the best digital consulting agency on the market working with essential tools.


Integrity and honesty
Transparency and Confidentiality
Commitment to customers, partners and technology
Critical attitude, dedication to quality and personal improvement



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