If you are thinking of improving your communication, turning your website visitors or social networks into loyal customers, all in one place and in real time, we at S2 Tecnologia are an excellent tool for your business; We are talking about JivoChat, more than a Chat a powerful tool that will help you have fantastic results with the online service. We know that excellent customer service speaks louder, so JivoChat has a great feature, instant calls. This feature allows your site visitor to select an option in Chat requesting that the operator return the contact within a few seconds or minutes, depending on the time you have left set up in the Admin area, the faster you return the more chance of closing the deal, Therefore we recommend a return within 0.27 seconds.

Resources available on the platform

  • CRM Integration
  • Detailed Visitor Information
  • Automatic triggers
  • Typing Preview
  • Real-Time Visitor Monitor
  • Quality of Service Assessment
  • Chat History by Email
  • File transference
  • Offline Contact Form
  • Memorized Phrases
  • Visitor Block
  • Callback​
  • Departaments
  • Indicator
  • Region Geolocator (GeoIP)

Chat with visitor

Chat with custumer

Proactive Invitation

In addition to instant calls there is another feature that has made a lot of difference on the S2 Technology website, I’m talking about Proactive Invitations. Approximately 70% of conversations on websites are initiated by proactive invitations. It is possible to set up in the JivoChat admin area messages that will be sent to the visitor depending on the content they are viewing, may be a specific page, may be an area of site he is on, may be after some time on the site. All of this is set up in JivoChat admin in a simple and fast and in real time.

Real Time Control and Monitoring Panel

The tool also has a Control Panel for you to manage everything that is happening on your site and the channels that are integrated with it, you can check how are all its operators. You will also have real time monitoring, which is fantastic because it is possible to know where the visitor is browsing your site, where they are from, where they came from, what they are doing, how many times they opened the page, you were able to interact with the visitor. Through this real-time monitoring page, just select the Chat button to start the conversation with the visitor, this is very good.

Real Time Control and Monitoring Panel

Integrate JivoChat with your CRM system

To further improve customer relationships many companies are using CRM, a customer relationship management system, see below that with JivoChat it is possible to integrate with various CRM platforms, JivoChat will save the history of all conversations. in a customer folder in your CRM and also show customer information in the operator application. You can create your own solution using the JivoChat API.

Mobile Widget

We all know that the future is mobile, thinking about it the JivoChat platform has the Mobile Widget, thanks to this mobile version of Jivo you will have even more conversions. All forms of contact are entered in it: Phone, Social Networks and Chat. In just one click the customer will be talking to you.

JivoChat Translator

Among the features we have presented so far, this one now makes all the difference for those who want to expand their business outside Brazil, is the JivoChat Translator.

With the translator you no longer have to worry about hiring an expert in other languages to answer messages received from other countries. The operator can serve customers at any time and in any language with just one click within the app, so your product or service can be presented to other countries.

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